Choosing the perfect Christmas Jumper

In nearly the words of Noddy's (almost) CHRISTMASSSS!!!! Long gone are the days when getting into the Christmas mood with a seasonal jumper was something to be mocked about. These days, the Christmas jumper is back in a big way, ok, maybe semi ironically but that doesn't mean we cannot have fun. There is

Fashion Forward – Black Jean Pairings

Black is considered an elegant, yet mysterious colour in the fashion world. Men and women alike love the slimming effect that black clothing offers them as well as the ability to pair it with numerous colour combinations. Your black jeans can function in a multitude of settings, including the office, a night out on the Read more

Midi Skirt Styling Tips

The midi skirt comes in many silhouettes and shapes, including midi pencil skirts, tulip, full, pleated and flowy.  Midi skirts offer so many different options, making them extremely versatile to wear, for everything from a weekend getaway to work to a wedding.  In terms of midi skirt styling, there are many different options for you Read more

Crop Tops Are Ideal For All Occasions

Crop tops are making a huge fashion comeback.  Corsets, v-neck check tops and bra tops all have a special feel to them, especially when you pair them with high-waisted pants.  Many women are scared to attempt to wear a crop top.  However, if you practice it a bit, you’ll start to feel confident and begin Read more

I bet we can make you love skater dresses…

Loving skater dresses are easy.  You just need to be quickly introduced to the style.  A flared-out skirt from the waist and fitted bodice are featured on the dress.  Skater dresses are formal enough to wear to meetings, yet easy to wear on a casual day, making them a must-have part of your wardrobe.  Before Read more

Beach Bags For Easy Planning, Easy Packing And Easy Snacking

If you frequently visit the beach, you know there is a huge need for staying organized. You don’t want sand in your food and on your clean towels, and you don’t want to leave behind the camera and all the other supplies you wish to take. How can you bring all the stuff you want Read more

The Benefits Of Bodycon Dress Definition

When it comes to fashion, the bandage or bodycon dress is something that so many women love the look of and want to wear. This is largely because of the definition that it gives to almost any body type. Instead of worrying about imperfections, you can relax and know that you look amazing with very Read more

How To Dress For A Casual Wedding

If you have ever attended or watched a wedding on television, you realize they are typically very formal events. However, they can become more casual if the setting is located on the beach or in a park. If you have ever tried to wear a tuxedo or gown on the beach it becomes a bit Read more

Dressing For Success: The Sleeveless Dress

Unlike many other clothing items, the sleeveless dress has seemingly stood the test of time. It looks great, it feels great and it is available in a variety of different looks. It can have a modern feel but it can look vintage as well. It can be dressy or casual, depending on how you accessorize. Read more

10 Ways To Find Your Perfect Pair Of Jeans

Great fitting jeans can be as rare as great fitting friends, but when you finally stumble across them, they make your life a lot more pleasurable. The trouble with jeans, though, is that most people don’t really know just how to find a great match for their body. Here are 10 things to keep in Read more